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王娜 谢文刚

引用本文: 王娜,谢文刚. 牧草开花的分子机理研究进展. 草业科学, 2019, 36(3): 835-848 doi: shu
Citation:  WANG N, XIE W G. Research progress on the molecular mechanism of flowering time in forage grasses. Pratacultural Science, 2019, 36(3): 835-848 doi: shu


    作者简介: 王娜(1994-),女,甘肃静宁人,在读硕士生,主要从事牧草种质资源与育种研究。E-mail: .cn;
    通讯作者: 谢文刚, .cn
  • 基金项目: 国家基础研究项目(973项目)(2014CB138704);长江学者与创新团队发展计划项目(IRT-17R50)

摘要: 开花期是牧草重要的农艺性状,对牧草产量、品质和利用价值具有重要影响。开花时间由微效多基因控制,调控网络复杂。开展牧草开花基因的研究,阐明牧草开花调控分子机理,有利于加快牧草开花基因挖掘,培育满足生产需求的不同成熟度的牧草新品种。牧草开花基因在模式植物拟南芥(Arabidopsis thaliana)、水稻(Oryza sativa)、小麦(Triticum aestivum)等农作物已开展了系统深入的研究,而牧草研究相对较少。本文综述了牧草开花基因研究最新进展,以期为牧草开花基因研究提供理论参考。


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    17. [17]

      王英舜贺俊杰 . 1961-2010年锡林浩特地区夏季降水量特征的小波分析. 草业科学, 2014, 8(11): 2021-2025. doi:  重庆欢乐生肖

    18. [18]

      王亚亚杨梅陆姣云杨惠敏 . 陇东苹果园土壤浸提液对黑麦草和紫花苜蓿种子萌发及幼苗生长的影响. 草业科学, 2018, 12(3): 551-557. doi:  重庆欢乐生肖

    19. [19]

      李林株李成云张 帆吕忠蕾 . 延边地区多种野生植物缩合单宁的含量及提取条件的优化. 草业科学, 2014, 8(5): 977-981. doi: 

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  • 重庆欢乐生肖

    图 1  冬小麦VRN1VRN2VRN3反馈调节环

    Figure 1.  Winter wheat VRN1, VRN2 and VRN3 feedback regulator rings

    图 2  多年生黑麦草开花调控示意图

    Figure 2.  Perennial ryegrass flowering control schematic diagram

    图 3  鸭茅开花调控示意图

    Figure 3.  Dactylis glomerata重庆欢乐生肖 flowering control schematic diagram

    表 1  多年生黑麦草开花途径参与基因

    Table 1.  Genes involved in flowering pathway of Perennial ryegrass

    基因名 Gene name基因编号 GeneBank accession同源基因 Homologous gene通路/功能 Pathways/Function
    LpTFL1AF316419HvTFL1抑制 Repressor
    LpSOC1AtSOC1中央整合子 Central integrator
    LpPRR37OsPRR37光周期 Photoperiod
    Lpck2a-2AB213317Wheat tck2a生物钟 Circadian clock
    LpLIR1DQ206624rice LIR
    LpGA20ox1DQ071620赤霉素 Gibberellin
    LpFLDFLD自主促进 Autonomous
    LpVrn2-2DQ202716TmVrn2春化 Vernalization
    LpOX1DQ1459272OG-Fe(II) oxygenase
    LpMADS3AY198328AtAP1、barley BM3
    LpMADS4AY198329TaMADS12花发育基因 Flower development
    LpMADS5AY198330barley BM9
    LpMADS6AY198331OsMADS5花发育基因 Flower development
    LpMADS9AY198334Barley BM7
    Vernalization meristem identity
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    表 2  牧草开花基因

    Table 2.  Forage grass flowering gene

    Flowering gene
    Gene function
    Lolium perenne
    Controlled by the circadian clock, related to the day length and the vernalisation time, over expression promotes flowering.
    It is induced by long days and the encoded protein promotes flowering.
    LpTFL1FT 基因功能相反,参与开花抑制
    In contrast to FT, it is involved in repression of flowering.
    It is induced by vernalisation and the expression pattern is correlated with variation in flowering time.
    LpGI与拟南芥 GI 同源,参与光周期开花时间控制
    It is orthologous to Arabidopsis GI and involved in photoperiodic flowering time control.
    LpHd1水稻 OsHd1 的直系同源基因,影响开花时间
    An ortholog of rice OsHd1 in affecting time of flowering.
    Festuca arundinacea
    Controlled by light, over expression promotes flowering.
    Flowering inducing gene.
    Festuca pratensis
    FpVRN1诱导 FT1 基因,在春季促进生殖器官的发育
    FT1 gene expression is induced to promote development of reproduction organs in spring.
    FpCO直接结合 FT 基因的启动子以激活表达
    Directly bind to the promoter of the FTgene to activate expression.
    Promote flowering
    FpCK2α在短日照条件下通过间接相互作用,增强 CO-like 蛋白质的功能
    Enhances function of the CO-like protein through indirect interaction under short-day.
    Agropyron cristatum
    ACOLCO 候选基因,在叶片中特异性表达
    It is a CONSTANS (CO) candidate gene and showed specific expression in leaves.
    Brachypodium distachyon
    EZL1拟南芥 CURLY LEAF 1 的直系同源基因,影响开花时间
    An ortholog of Arabidopsis CURLY LEAF 1 in affecting flowering time.
    Medicago sativa
    SPL13 调控开花时间和营养生长
    It is regulating flowering time and vegetative growth.
    miR156 过表达导致生物量产量加倍,开花时间延迟,纤维素含量增加和木质素含量减少Over expression resulted in a twofold increase in biomass yield, delayed flowering time, enhanced cellulose content, and reduced lignin.[63]
    Medicago truncatula
    STENOFOLIA(STF) 参与植株叶片的扩展,增加叶绿素含量,促进开花
    It is involved in leaf expansion, increased chlorophyll content and accelerated flowering.
    Trifolium pratense
    Reduces firmness and seed yield.
    Increases seed yield.
    ZFP4 与结实相关
    Closely related to seed setting.
    Controls seed weight.
    Increases seed yield.
    Trifolium subterraneum
    CO-like WNK5-like 蛋白介导远红光下的开花启动
    Floral initiation under FR-enriched light is mediated by CO-like and WNK5-like proteins.
    Lupinus albus
    显性基因 Ef1Ef2当(Ef1_,Ef2_)同时出现时,表型早开花;(ef1ef1, ef2ef2)同时缺失时,表型晚开花;如果只有一个基因(Ef1_,ef2ef2 or ef1ef1, Ef2_)存在时,表型为中间体
    When both dominant genes were present (Ef1_, Ef2_) the phenotype was early flowering, when both dominant genes were absent (ef1ef1, ef2ef2) the phenotype was late flowering and if only one gene was present (Ef1_, ef2ef2 or ef1ef1, Ef2_), the phenotype was intermediate.
    下载: 导出CSV
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